Get to Know Ellen, the Owner of Farmhouse Charm Candles


Ellen, the founder of Farmhouse Charm Candles, has a unique story. Raised in the Philippines, she spent most of her childhood on her grandparents' farmhouse. She moved to Calgary in 2010 and pursued nursing. Her passion for creating candles and other scented products comes from her love for the natural and genuine charm of farmhouse. It's no surprise that she has turned her passion into a business that creates unique and inspiring scents for others to enjoy. Ellen enjoys recreating natural and nostalgic scents that are both clean and non-toxic.

Farmhouse Charm Candles is committed in using biodegradable and sustainable ingredients in their products. Ellen's background in nursing likely played a role in her decision to prioritize the health and well-being of her customers. She understands the importance of using safe ingredients that won't harm the environment or the people who use her products. 


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